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The Disciplirigor, is a company that since 2008, has been developing its activity in the area of renewable energy and climate control. We have carried out the study, design, supply and installation of Solar Systems equipment and HVAC, as well as technical assistance and after sales maintenance.

In the face of its growth strategy to new market requirements, the Disciplirigor with the deep knowledge of the country's energy, takes reality as fundamental value environmental protection solutions, raising awareness of the Portuguese economy dynamic agents and all elements that deal with this issue.

The increasing energy costs, the concern with the environment, the greenhouse effect, global warming and the scarcity of resources, are factors of differentiation and competitiveness for many companies and concern of all those who have the real knowledge of fossil energy reserves decrease.

The importance of the energy that makes the comfort of families and businesses, you know save, efficient uses and use renewable sources is essential to the development of sustainable growth.

Knowing that there is today available knowledge to the development of new opportunities to renew and diversify energy sources by applying with efficiency and effectiveness the concepts of reduction and reuse as referred to, we want to help solve the problem of high energy costs, transforming them into an opportunity over time by exploiting the know-how and experience in energy management and renewable energy as an alternative source for the production of energy in particular and even industrial processes.