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The heating of buildings, housing or services, is one of the main factors that contribute to the energy consumption. Whether, through the use of boilers or highly efficient heat pumps, there are numerous solutions that enable a very significant savings, in time to pay the bill of energy comsumption.

The Disciplirigor scales and installs systems with innovative products that provide maximum comfort and security, existing always a system suitable for each situation. Heating systems, in some cases, are still compatible with the installation of thermal solar panels.

In air conditioning, heat pumps, have the advantage of allowing, heat and cool the home. It also allows the sanitary water heating or swimming pools. The working principle is simple: transfer the heat from one location to another. In reality it is the same principle used in normal devices as the refrigerator and most of air-conditioning devices.

In the case of heat pumps for the homes, you can choose two types of model/installation: the geothermal (water-water; earth-water) and aerothermal (air-water).

In the case of geothermal heat pump is used, the temperature difference between the inside of the housing and the “near-constant” subsurface temperature outside. This installation requires the excavation abroad for the installation of the pipes.

The aerothermal heat pump installation is quite simple, similar to that of a normal air conditioner, and uses the temperature difference between the air inside and outside air.

Maximum comfort at a cost of minimal use. The underfloor heating is the environment that any family could want, during the winter. In cases of root construction or remodeling of buildings, is easy-to-implement and together with different types of floor, ideal for who cares about aesthetics and, above all, with the comfort. The running costs are lower because they are sufficient enough water temperatures of about 40° C. The use of a high efficiency heat pump, is the best heating technology to this association, in conjunction with a solar power system. Portugal, regardless of region, is one of the European countries with the best solar resource, being always advantageous solar thermal installation. In areas of the Alentejo and Algarve solar radiation reaches even higher levels.

The solutions presented by Disciplirigor follow in the line of the best manufacturers, where only with Reliability you can Trust-and Zero Defects.

The policy of zero defects of Daikin is a restricted policy, applied in all areas of the production process, which ensures all systems and air conditioning units are tested during assembly and at the end of this. In this way the equipment is tested at each stage of the production process.