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Microgeneration (or micro-generation): Decree Law No. 3632007 of November 2, including the amendments introduced in Decree-Law No. 118 of 25 October A2010-establishes the rules of activity of micro-generation.

The Microgeneration is the activity in small-scale domestic systems of decentralised production of electricity. These are facilities that produce electricity from renewable resources. The current legislation allows investment in domestic photovoltaic systems for connection to the electricity distribution network, with clear environmental benefits and a very interesting business opportunity for individuals, businesses and condominiums that have the necessary conditions for such installations.

The micro-generation emerges as the opportunity of an individual, a company or condominiums, to produce energy to be sold to the network.

Through the micro-generation, every consumer of low voltage, can produce and sell electricity in the subsidised scheme through renewable energies, with a legal regime that allows the injection power on the network does not exceed 50 of the subscribed demand for consumption with the supplier during 15 years in special conditions and, from there, to the market price.

Yet when it comes to access to engage in activity electricity Microgeneration, the legislation allows each consumer can produce electric energy through the photovoltaic solar panels selling all the energy produced by 0.196 €/ kWh during the first eight years and 0.165 €/kWh over the next 7 years. In this way the rate is fixed for a period of 15 years. Having as a maximum power limits the install of 50% of the subscribed demand, never exceeding the 3.68 kW and having as mandatory the installation of a solar thermal system with a minimum of 2 m2 of captation. After these 15 years purchase price is equal to the selling price.

Condominiums with more than six rooms can make 11.04 KW facilities, and will have to be made an energy audit, common to the parties, that determine the implementation of energy efficiency measures, with the payback period of two years.

Due to its geographical location, Portugal is one of the European countries with the highest solar radiation. With the current targets imposed on each Member of the EU for the production of energy through renewable sources, Portugal 31% until 2020, the sun is a source to explore.

The Microgeneration system can be fixed, placed on the roof of your house or placed on the ground with south orientation. May be a mobile system, which allows an increase up to 40% of considerable production. This may be an axle or two axles.

The big advantage is that you can sell all the energy produced at a subsidized rate, enabling a quick amortization of initial investment. This as are large systems reliability and durability (most of the panels brings benefits for 25 years) becomes a very attractive investment.

In terms of necessary conditions: must have a low voltage contract with a distributor of electricity and have an available area or on the roof or on the ground for the placing of photovoltaic panels (about 30 to 50 square meters) without shadows. You must also have a solar thermal installation and for such a hot water consumption.

The Disciplirigor is a company with great experience in the installation of photovoltaic systems, working with brands with vast experience in this field and of international renown, facing every project as a unique.


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