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Miniproduction or Minigeneration: the Decree Law No. 342011 of March 8, 2011, lays down rules of Miniprodução activity.

The Miniproduction is the activity in small-scale decentralised production of electricity. These are facilities that produce electricity from renewable resources, on the basis of a production technology only (for example, Photovoltaic panels) and whose maximum power attributable to connection to the network is 250 kW. The Miniproduction is the opportunity of a company or private, be able to produce energy to be sold to the network with a legal regime that prevents the injection on the network, does not exceed 50% of the subscribed demand (20 KW to 500 KW) for use with the trader. Cannot, Miniproduction unit, produce and inject in RESP over half the subscribed demand for installation.

Still with regard to access to the exercise of the activity of Miniproduction of electricity, this Decree-Law establishes that access to this activity depends on registration and that the entry into operation of the unit and its connection to the network need to be operating certificate so it is necessary to register on the electronic platform "The Miniproduction Register System" managed by the Directorate General of energy and Geology (DGEG).

To register gross follows the installation of equipment necessary for the Miniproduction and their inspection by the DGEG, for verification of compliance with safety requirements, among others.

Finally, it has been clarified the remuneration scheme of electricity from installations of Miniproduction, having the producer access to two compensatory schemes, to choose from:

  1. The general regime applicable to all those who have accessed the Miniproduction activity and does not fit in the subsidised regime;
  2. The subsidised regime

Access to the subsidised regime depends on the completion of certain requirements. When powers are concerned over 20 kW, the selection of records and setting the subsidized tariff applicable depends on competitive mechanisms. This is based on a reference rate of € 151 MW/h to the year 2013, are where you select the entities that offer the best discount rate, and the number of applications received are ordered on the basis of this discount.

In cases where the connection is less than power 20kW, applications are sorted in order of arrival.

The power to allocate quota annually under the scheme subsidised is 30 MW, and their assignment be staggered throughout the year, in accordance with a schedule to be established by the DGEG.

In the subsidised regime 3 levels are envisaged:

  1. Level I - Link power up to 20 kW-151 fare €/ MWh, by sequential order of records;
  2. Level II - Binding Power exceeding 20 kW to 100 kW-dependent Rate of offers from interested parties subject to competition;
  3. Level III - Binding Power exceeding 100 kW to 250 kW-dependent Rate of offers from interested parties subject to competition;

Sale fares to remain fixed for a period of 15 years, after which the producer automatically joins in the general scheme.

Access to the subsidised regime depends on prior evidence, at the time of the inspection request, conducting energy audit that determines the implementation of energy efficiency measures, with the following return period:

  1. Level I - two years
  2. Level II - three years
  3. Level III - four years

Compliance with the measures identified in the audit, are reported each year to the DGEG, up to full implementation of the same.

If there are on the site of the Miniproduction unit of intensive energy consuming installations subject to the legal framework for the management of energy intensive consumption or to the legal framework for energy certification of buildings, the access to the subsidised regime depends on the attestation, on the date of application for registration of the following:

  1. Agreement on rationalization of energy consumption or equivalent in the transport sector, which is to be fulfilled;
  2. Energy certificate where it is shown that after the implementation of the energy performance improvement measures, including the Miniproduction, the building reaches B-class or higher, in the case of new buildings, or class C or higher, in the case of existing buildings.

For more information or for a study of investment, contact us and request the production estimate for a Miniproduction up to 20Kw.

Ask already today your free study, for this we need forwarding a copy of electricity bill, and indicate what type of roof you have, how many feet are South facing, and if you have any kind of land available where you intend to install the system.

We also need to tell us to estimate the distances between the location of the panels and the location of the existing EDP counter at this time.

Note: Based on subsidized sale fare to the year 2013 of 0.151 €/ kWh, valid for a period of 15 years, followed by the general scheme from the 16th year.